Beautiful Homes

Beautiful Beach Houses

Below are reasons why beautiful beach houses are popular and therefore more expensive than most homes. Different people also prefer different types of beach houses and different locations too. Below are examples of beach houses that are inviting and beautiful.

Example of beautiful, ideal beach houses

For example, an ideal beach house could be located along the Oregon coast. This ideal beach house would be on a high bluff overlooking the ocean. It would have a large double thick glass window to view the ocean and the sky.

The beach house would also have two wood burning fireplaces for heat. All major appliances would be included in the kitchen and there would be solar panels on the roof. 

The ideal beach house would also be air conditioned for the few hot weeks in the summer. The tree bedrooms would also have windows for watching the ocean.

Beautiful Beach House

Another example of Beautiful Beach Houses

A dream beach house is a two-level house done in white wood. It has a wraparound porch on both levels, lush landscaping and an inviting look. When you enter the front door, you are immediately struck by the view of the beach in the backyard. This view is maximized by all the windows and doors that line the rear wall of the house. The decor is subtle accented with sky blue and neutral colors that are found in nature, particularly at the beach.