Beautiful Homes
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Beautiful Home #1

The home below is beautiful to many people. Read the opinions below why some people really like this beautiful home. Also read below why others may not like this beautiful home at all. This is a large beautiful brick home in the country with trees around it giving it shade.

How beautiful is this home 

Opinion 1 of this beautiful home

"I really like this beautiful home. The mature trees are beautiful and look like they would provide nice shade. The landscaping of this home is nice and well kept. The house and lawn appear to have been well maintained and look healthy. I also like the wall... it adds personality to this beautiful home and the steep roofline is different and interesting.

The white trim on the outside (shutters and awning) are nice contrasts to the brick color. This house has sort of an "old fashioned" look about it which is a very comfortable, welcoming look!"

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