Beautiful Homes
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Beautiful Home #1

This is a lovely home, spacious and well-maintained. The traditional architecture is accented by white shutters and an awning over the front door. Large, well-established plantings including mature flowering trees give the home an air of stability and security, as does the classic variegated brick. There is ample room for the family, with two full floors and an added wing, with storage in the attic.

Beautiful Home 1

Set well back from the street, this home is easily accessed from the circular driveway which surrounds a grassy yard.

Opinion 2 of this beautiful home

"I like this home because it is a brick two story home, brick will not need much upkeep and will stay nice looking for a long time. I really like all the windows which will allow for more light in each room.

The trees are a nice feature because they will provide shading which will keep the home cooler in the summer sun. The little canopy over the door is a nice touch as well as useful on rainy days.

The circle driveway makes it appear to be a more upscale neighborhood because most all ritzy homes have circle driveways. The home overall has a clean, neat appearance so my theory is that the home is in a good neighborhood."

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