Beautiful Homes
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Beautiful Home #1

Like we already mentioned, no matter how beautiful a home is, there are people who have different taste and would not like a home that may appear beautiful to others.

Opinion 3 of this beautiful home

"I do not like this home much at all, it may be a beautiful home to some people but it is too generic for me. There is no personality to it. Although if the double front doors were not green and there was some different sort of cover over the entry, I could warm up to it.

Also I have also never been a fan of those fake shutters, please size them so that at least look like they are functional. I do have to say I like the brick work, maybe a few plants at the base of the wall, would make this home more inviting."

Opinion 4 of this beautiful home

"I don’t really like this beautiful home so much although there are some nice feature to it. The brick is nice and I really like the curved sidewalk leading up to the front door.

I like the white shutters. They make the house look really slick and clean.

But I hate the green ovals on the doors. They make the home look really dated. The white awning fixture over the front door is also very unattractive, because it looks like an oven range hood.

And what is with the white siding on the side of the home? It sticks out like a sore thumb. It looks like the builder ran out of money when he was almost done with the job and couldn’t afford any more bricks!"

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