Beautiful Homes
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Beautiful Home #2

Opinion 2 of this beautiful home

This beautiful house looks new and well-maintained. The fact that it looks new will let me to presume that the kitchen and bathroom facilities are modern.

This beautiful home looks large enough and has interesting features like round windows, columns and brick accents.

The landscaping looks nice and clean, with grown bushes and established plants.

On the other hand, there does not seem to be enough windows somehow and aside from 2 large windows at front, the other windows are really quite small and oddly located.

Beautiful Home 2 Pic

Opinion 3 of this beautiful home - too formal

This home is very beautiful, but for my tastes it looks a bit formal. I'm sure some large family will be very happy living here and perhaps give it a warmer look when perhaps the lawn has a child's toy laying on it, or perhaps a shade open with a happy face peering out.

I guess I'm trying to say "it looks like a house, not a home". After all, it does take a warm happy family to make a warm cozy home.

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