Beautiful Homes
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Beautiful Home #2

While many people like this large beautiful Santa Maria home, there are people who have reservation about this beautiful home.

Opinion 4 of this beautiful home

There are many reasons why I like this beautiful house. I like the fact that it has two floors which will provide space for a large family. I also like the design of the house because it is unique. The lawn care is excellent and appears to be very well taken care of with a design in the front lawn.

However, I do not like the fact that it is partly bricked and in very strange places. There also appears to be no walkway leading to the front door. The windows on the front seem to be different.

Pics of beautiful home

Opinion 5 of this beautiful home

I don’t care for this beautiful house. It’s one of too many houses these days that falls into the genus “McMansion”.

This home is too big and I’m sure it’s way overpriced. This home is a waste of money, land, and energy. Although it may be beautiful, this home is un-green in every possible way.

I don’t like the multiple roof-lines, and the way part of the front is brick. It looks like it belongs in overpaid yuppie-land. I’m sure that a crooked lawyer or a dentist that charges his patients too much would love it. But I wouldn’t be caught dead in it.

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