Beautiful Homes
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Beautiful Home #3

Opinion 2 of this beautiful home

This is a beautiful house. While the front looks simple, the choice for the brick shows a stucco texture. The bay window on the side is also very pretty and will make for extra light in the room.

Having a third garage can help for company or to have an extra space for both cars to fit and still have room for the normal garage items to be kept. The lawn is green and lush and there is a beautiful raised deck in the backyard that overlooks beautiful greenery.

Beautiful home picture

Opinion 3 of this beautiful home

While this beautiful home appears to be of good quality, I don't particularly like it myself. Much of the front is taken up by garage doors which offer little visual interest.

It also appears that there is another very similar house very close to this one on the left. This house looks relatively expensive, and for the price I would greatly prefer to live a little bit further from my neighbors. I would also want a house that offered more individuality.

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