Beautiful Homes
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Beautiful Home #4

Opinion 3 on this unique beautiful home

I find this to be a very beautiful house. I am particularly fond of the steeple entrance.

I like the use of stone in this feature of the house. It makes it feel like an English cottage of some sort.

I think the rounded entryway sets off the steeple nicely and makes the entrance very inviting.

Beautiful Home image

I like how the outside walls have a very European influence. The only thing that I wish was different, is that I wish the brick towards the bottom of the house was replaced with the stone that was used in the steeple.

Opinion 4 on this unique beautiful home

I like the design of the home, because of the interesting triangular structure above the door. I think it adds character. I'm a bit bored by the lawn in front, though. I think it needs flowers, a splash of color to relieve the tedium of perfectly trimmed hedges. I also think the gray color of the house is pretty boring.

Opinion 5 on this unique beautiful home

I like this home because it is a very large structure. The A-frame in the front looks lovely. The front yard has great landscaping. Also, the roof looks sound. The home looks to be constructed in brick and wood. If the exterior structure has wood materials, I would strongly suggest to replace with stronger siding materials. Overall, I do not have any dislikes regarding this home.

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