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Beautiful Vacation Home #1

Below is a picture of a beautiful vacation home on the mountains. Read below people's opinions of this beautiful vacation home. From what you can see of the outside, most people who see the picture of this beautiful vacation home like it.

However, when you want to buy a vacation home or any home, you need to look all around the home, the environment and how close you are to your neighbors. After all, the purpose of going on a vacation is often to get away and relax. Most people find it hard to relax when there is another vacation home right next door.

Opinion 1 of Beautiful Vacation home #1

From what I can see of the outside I like it. I also like the how the other side of this vacation home looks (you cannot see on the picture but it is beautiful). The porch on the backside of the home adds to its style. However, I don't think I would care for the fact that there is another home so close by.

I like the way this beautiful vacation home is on a mountain, overlooking a beautiful lake with breathtaking views and with nothing else around it. I do like the upstairs balcony thing and all the windows, as long as the windows aren't just looking into the neighbors house.

Beautiful Vacation Home

Picture of a beautiful vacation home

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