Beautiful Homes
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Beautiful Vacation Home #1

Since this vacation home is beautiful, unique in style and is nicely situated overlooking a beautiful and peaceful lake, more people like this beautiful vacation home than not.

Opinion 2 of Beautiful Vacation home #1

I really love this beautiful vacation home on the lake. It would be a great place to take the family to get away. It has plenty of windows, garage, and a porch to sit on.

This beautiful vacation home looks has a lot of room inside for the family. The brown and white exterior gives it a old style look with the stone foundation. This would be a great full or part time home. The balcony windows provide a great view of the area or to watch the rain if you get rained in.

Beautiful vacation home picture

Picture of a beautiful vacation log home

Opinion 3 of Beautiful Vacation home #1

I like this pretty vacation home because it looks well-kept and tidy. It is an attractive, beautiful vacation home from the outside, and is in an outdoorsy area, which is something I like.

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