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Beautiful Vacation Home #1

This beautiful vacation home has a two-car garage, so a large group could come and stay in the home. The home is spacious, well-tended, and inviting. I also like the fact that this beautiful vacation home is in a touristy area with lots of other vacation homes around. Because of the large number of tourists in the area, there are lots of amenities for a tourist that might not be available otherwise. So, overall, I like this vacation home a lot.

Picture of beautiful vacation home garage

While most people like to be alone and in a secluded area when it comes to going on a vacation, some people actually prefer their vacation home to be close to other vacation homes. If it is in a residential subdivision in a touristy area, then there won't be many amenities for tourists and you will not feel much like a vacation when staying there. Below is an opinion of this beautiful vacation home that is a little different from other opinions above.

Opinion 4 of Beautiful Vacation home #1

This vacation home looks awfully big for a vacation home. To me a vacation home is a place where I spend most of the time outdoors! So I guess maybe this is big so that you can have lots of friends there with you. Now, the building - It's pretty ugly. It's a real hodge-podge of wilderness chunky railings (on the porch), chalet-type roof line, and shingle-style Victorian. I don't like how the garage dominates the facade. The mix of unpainted shingle, painted T1-11 siding , and stone is really unattractive. And, if I'm right about the siding being T1-11, I have reservations about its durability.

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