Beautiful Homes
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Dream Homes Interiors and Exteriors

Dream Home #2

The interior and exterior of my dream home would be as follows. My dream home would be in the hills with no neighboring homes. I want it to have 2 floors with a spiral staircase. Most of the flooring in the home would be dark wood.

Rooms in my dream home

I would love to have 5 bedrooms with 3 bathroom and a finished basement. One of them bathrooms being in the master bedroom which also would include a fireplace.

I would like a large pool

Their would be an in ground 10 foot pool which would be very nice.

My dream home

This could be the kitchen of my dream home

I'd like it to be very bright which means alot of the walls would really just be windows so the sun could shine in. The kitchen would be very spacy with marble counter tops and lots of extra cupboard space. Flat top stove would be really nice with all accesories being black.

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