Beautiful Homes
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Dream Homes Interiors and Exteriors

Dream Home #3

My dream home would consist of 7 rooms, including a large:

  • kitchen,
  • dining room,
  • living room,
  • bedrooms and
  • an office.

Each room would be large bright clean and freshly painted.

In the living room there would be hard wood floors and beautiful large throw rugs. In the study, it would serve as an office and area that I could work from home, along with a beautiful t.v. area and a view of a large backyard. In the backyard it would be pleasant, well tailored and an area with a garden. In the master bedroom there would be a balcony where you could sit and relax. Every room would have climate control air conditioning, the dining area would have solar panels everything would be top of the line energy efficient products.

My dream homes

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