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Dream Homes Interiors and Exteriors

Dream Home #4

My dream home would have enough bedrooms so that everyone in my family could have a private space of their own plus one more bedroom for guests.

Three bathrooms (one for the guest) so that everyone could get ready in a reasonable amount of time. There would be tiled or stone floors throughout that could be heated on cold winter days.

Air conditioning throughout is a must. A large kitchen with a good sized island to work is essential.

Living spaces would be large so that everyone could gather together easily.

A recreation room with lounge chairs, air hockey, computer equipment, and a large tv would be a dream come true.

A two car garage that still had plenty of room for the laundry room would be ideal.

Finally, neighbors should be at least a half acre away so that I can look out any window without looking into my neighbor's home.

Dream Homes

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